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July 25, 2007

FAME … the musical

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This  year at school we are doing a production on FAME the musical. I auditioned for it, just to see what it was like and for the experience. About a week later the results were up! When I looked to see who got callbacks my name was there! I was soo excited because the year before I did the rock eistedford and I really enjoyed that, I didn’t know what the production was going to be like! I was one of the dancing chorus. It’s been alot of hard work, going to all day practices, staying after school and singing lessons. Although it’s alot, it is really fun, my friends are in it which makes it even more enjoyable to do. One of the best parts was when we got our t-shirts! They are black with red writing and a picture of Ashley’s outline when she was doing a slipt leap, they look awesome! We all get to wear them on days when we have practice as part of our uniform. We have alot of talented singers at our school that are in the production, and I know it is going to turn out fantastic! It’s only a few weeks away now, everyone is really excited! I am nervous at the same time though, we have to perform it three times on three different nights. I can’t wait!! “I’m gonna live FOREVER”

Hope to see you there ……..


Book review

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The book I am reviewing is called Chinese Cinderella. It’s about a little girl growing up in China and what she goes through and how badly she is treated and all she wants is someone to love and accept her. The gener is in the 1800’s. i think =) This book is a real story, it happened to the writer herself. I found this book very sad and meaningful. Adeline Yan Mah wrote this touching book she has also written ‘Falling Leaves’ and………… Adeline Yan Mah was the main charactor and her famil she had three brothers, one sister, one step sister, two step brothers, an evil step mother, a father and her mother died when Adeline was born. It was her llife or her mothers, everyone blames Adeline for theloss of their mother this is why she is treated so badly.

I think this book would best suit children from the ages 13 to 16 years old. Because it is a serious book, I think teenagers would understand it better.

Some different reviews are:

“I think that this book is really inspiring to me because the book makes you think and You wonder how it would feel to be in her shoes. The worst part is that it is still happining today that women die after giving birth and if the baby dies and has older sibilings or family they look at you very differently and say ” o thanks alot you killed our only mother” or ” if it wasn’t for you our mother would still be alive ” and it makes them fell bad I mean it would make me feel really bad. and to tell those people who have lost there mother at birth to read this book Thank You!!!”

“Chinese Cindrella is one of my favorite books!! This book was so touching and I would recommend it to everyone especially teenagers. When I finished reading the book, I would think about the unwanted people in this world, the orphans. I was so proud of Adeline, how she didn’t give up all the day through childhood. In the contrary, she fights for her attention by being the top of the class every week.”

I rate this book 10 out of 10! I absolutly loved it!

Overall I believe that this is one of the BEST books that I have ever read, it is so sad and touching at the same time. It acctually happend to the author herself, a real life story. I have reaad the book at least 4 times and never get sick of it. I strongly reccomend this book!!

english goals for 2007

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This years goals for English 2007 are:

1. To complete everything on time and neatly (including homework)

2. Try not to talk and be destractive or be destracted druing class time when we have work to do

3. Work to the best of my abillity at all times. Not handing something in thats not the best that I can do.

I really hope to achive these goals and when I do I will set more untill I reach bigger goals.

April 19, 2007

My magic power……shApE ShiFTEr

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I woke up one morning, but it wasn’t any morning. I felt alive and excited about something, I don’t even know why! I knew something big was going to happen today-VERY BIG and I was going to be apart of it. I quickly got changed and got ready for school in record time. We finally arrived at school, Ash and I made our way up to the lockers and suddenly stopped and looked around. There was no-one at school! We went up to the office and the ladies were there. They said we only started at 11.00 today. Ash and I looked at each other dumb founded! We couldn’t believe that we had forgotten. As Ash and I strolled down to main street we tripped at the same time, and fell intoi a pool of shimmery purple sticky stuff that smelt like my lipgloss. Luckily we had 2 and a half hours till school started! We decided to catch the bus back to my house. After we had had a shower and got changed, I explained to mum that we only started at 11.00 today so she drove us to school.

First class was English. We had homework due in and I had forgotten! Mr.B was furiously yelling at me I swear I could nearly see clouds of steam coming out of his ears! I stared into his eyes and concentrated, it felt like some sort of energy was building up behind my eyes! For a split second I was lost and felt like I was Mr.B and made him stop yelling at me. Next thing I know I was me again and back in the class room with everyone working quietly on the laptops. The bell rang and as soon as it did Ash and I ran over to each other, “Did something weird happen to you in English like you could read minds? Because I could,” Ashley blurted out. I looked at her for a moment and said “No, but I can change into people, just like a shape shifter!!”

Throughout lunch we experimented on our friends and I turned into one of the canteen ladies and made her give us free food! The bell rang again and we had P.E and Mr.H was going to be away so we had a CRT (Casual Relief Teacher). I was ready I was just tying my shoelace when a giant shadow fell over the top on me, I froze with fear, looked up to see a tall, musculine, figure staring down upon me. I jumped to my feet and as I did he called “BLOCK RUN” There was a wave of groans and a couple of sarcastic “Thanks Maddie!” Mr.F he called himself and if someone sat down or even looked like they were going to they had to do the block run again. By the time it was half a period I had done the block run 3 times I was so puffed and tired I could have passed out. Then I realised that I could use my powers, by the look of it Ashley was thinking that too. I tried really hard to get his attention but couldn’t so I sat down……….. He was getting ready to say ‘block run’ but I stared into the two round, black, shallow holes that he called eyes and concentrated. The feeling began I could feel it building up I opened my eyes and I was Mr.F staring back at myself……………….

About half an hour later the bell sounded and everyone rushed to get changed and Ash ran over to me with a massive smile! “Maddie, Maddie!!! That was awesome I can’t believe you did that! Mr.F bought everyone food from the canteen and let us do whatever we wanted for the rest of the period!!” she whispered as she gave me a massive hug! That night Ash slept over and we told my dad everything that had happened that day. We could tell he didn’t believe us but went along with it anyway. After a while he said “And how did you get this power?” Ash and I stared at each other and tried to think of where it had come from, we didn’t actually know when or how we got it. Then mum came in and said that she was trying to get the purple stains out of our uniforms and she didn’t know how we got them. Dad said “Purple stains how did you get them?” It suddenly clicked we had got the powers when we tripped into the purple sticky stuff.

We didn’t get much sleep that night and the next morning I couldn’t wait to get to school, Ash and I had arranged to catch the early bus I was so excited to explore my powers and how much more interesting things I could do with them! The day went on as usual and by the time the recess bell rang I felt really powerful like I could take on the world Ash and I were a team! During maths we were all talking about what movies we were going to see on the weekend when suddenly the fire alarm went off and everyone started screeming and panicking about what to do and where to go. Mrs.L said “Stay calm and move out the door in two straight lines and don’t muck about. We are to walk to the oval just like we practiced! QUICKLY EVERYONE”

Ash and I knew what we had to do. We zanuck out of the back  door to find the flame and to see if there was anyone trapped inside. Ash picked up on a person’s thoughts “I don’t know where to go! How do I get out of here?” We worked out where they were and I shifted into that person and helped her out. I had a great idea I could turn into the fire and make it go out!! So I concentrated so hard it felt like my head was going to explode. I was the fire, I didn’t no what to do I was scared, then I heard Ashley’s voice “It’s OK Maddie you can do it, the water supply is near the girls toilets.” As fast as I could I made the fire spread towards the water supply and my plan was to burn it down releasing the water onto the fire causing it to go out. It all happened to quickly one minute I was the fire now I am me again standing next to Ashley in front of the whole entire school! The principle spoke still shocked “If it wasn’t for these two girls there would have no school ground left!! Please give them a round of applause!!” It was extremely over-whelming to have to have everyone clapping for you. It was amazing.

Two weeks later little did we know that all the teachers had nominated us for a bravery award which was very rarely given out. Ashley and I were on the fromt page of the Herald Sun!! It read “Local Heros save their school!” They even interviewed us aswell, this had been the best week of our lives and a memerable expereince. Later that day once again the hall errupted whan Ash and I walked up onto stage to collect our awards. I was speechless………

April 18, 2007

English term 1

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Last term in English the best piece of work I did was the rewrite of the fox story from the fox’s point of view, because I think that was one of the best stories I’ve written. One of the most interesting things I learnt last term was how to use my blog properly because there is so much more you can do to make your writing stand out and look pretty. The assignment I most enjoyed was the fox assignment. I enjoyed it the most because it was one of my favourite pieces. I didn’t really not enjoy any of the assignments although I don’t really like reviewing movies. The book that I most liked reading last term was Chinese Cinderella. It’s one of my favourites because it’s a story of an unwanted daughter, it was sad but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found I learnt most when I was sitting with Dannii and we were working together. I could have learned more if I didn’t talk and get distracted. What I think I could work on this term is not talking as much and getting distracting and I work well with Dannii because she is my best friend. I can work to the best of my ability this term by concentrating without talking as much.

April 15, 2007

‘Doctor Who’ review questions

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1) Some of the ordinary obejts and events that are used in extrodinary ways in the ‘Runaway bride’ are:

a) The Doctors spaceship/time machine was disguised as a phonebooth,

b) The evil robots were disguises as Santa’s,

c) The Christmas tree balbauls were disguised as bombs,

d) The

 2) I think that the show used everyday objects and things in strange and different ways because not only does it make them exciting, it also makes the storyline more unpridictable as to what is going to happen next!!

3) I think if the TARDIS was a normal looking spaceship it wouldn’t have as much effect as the unusual phonebooth flying through the air on the freeway because it is different. exciting and extrodinary making the movie more enjoyable to watch.

April 13, 2007

Doctor Who Review…..

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‘The Runaway Bride’ is one of the recent ‘Doctor Who’ episodes, it is a modern remake of the original television programme in Britan that ran for a long time. Unlike the old episodes, the new ones have a more inviting feel about them because they are modern with the characters they use and things they relate to so more people can relate to them and enjoy them more!

‘Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride’ was set in 2006 in London, it is about a bride called Donna who was happily walking down the aisle on her wedding day but all of a sudden disappears! She finds herself on a spaceship staring at a strange man(Doctor Who) who was very surprised and curious as to how she had come and who she was. The Doctor examined Donna and found out she is made up of unusual small particles, human particles. Meanwhile evil robots disguised as Santa’s go undercover, their mission was to bring Donna to the Racnoss(who was a massive spider). The Doctor was trying to figure out how Donna had got the particles. Donna said that Lance had been giving her a coffee every morning for 6 months. That was it, and because she had, had lots of them she was now completely made up of tiny human particles! They came face to face with the genus behind it all, the ‘Racnoss’. The giant spider was scheming to repopulate her kind through her children and rule the world! They would live on humans(that was why they were there). To Donna and the Doctors surprise Lance was on the ‘Rancnoss’s’ side all along. Will the ‘Racnoss’ take over and rule the world? To discover the amazing twist to the end of this wonderful scientific modern day fantasy you’ll have to watch it!

Russell T Davies who is the talented writer, produced a very well put together modern film.

Euros Lyn, the director, added to the storyline turning everyday objects in our lives into unusual things. For example, there was a flying phone booth but inside was the Doctors spaceship and the evil robots disguised as Santa’s, making the movie unpredictable and suspenseful!

Over all the character were very well suited to their parts. I particularly like the Doctor, he’s role was unusual and no-one really new his character properly, throughout the episode clues were given away and at the end he said his kind was responsible for the extinction of the Racnoss! I certainly didn’t picture that. The Racnoss was also another character that I liked. What amazed me was the makeup, the costume and all the hard work that had been put into making it look so good. It was almost breath taking. The only complaint that I would  say was the unnatural-ism on the charactors face, it was like someone said be sad so they turned on a sad face, it didn’t look that convincing to me.

   The main character, ‘Dr Who’  is played by David Tennant. David Tennant, is an English writer, his career began when he got a part in The Royal Shakespeare Company. He also played a role in the very well known film ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. He had lead roles in many dramas as-well he even worked with one of the other ‘Doctor Who’ charactors Christopher Eccleston, many people have mixed comments about which is better at filling the role of ‘DoctorWho’. Also in the Royal Shakespeare Company was the actress Catherine Tate who played Donna Noble (the bride) in ‘Doctor Who’. She also had a massive hit with her show’ The Catherine Tate Show’ as-well as many other movies with lead roles that she created herself.

I thoroughly enjoed the film ‘Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride’. I can’t really relate to all the other ‘Doctor Who’ films because I haven’t seen them. So I can’t say that this film is better than all the rest. Although in the next episode I would like to see some better acting but overall I’m looking forward to the next episode of the modern scientific, film, ‘Doctor Who’.

February 25, 2007

Fox story rewritten

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That night when dog was asleep, I whisper to Magpie“I can run faster than Dog, faster than the wind. Leave dog and come with me.”Magpie says, “I will never leave dog. I am his missing eye and he is my wings.” 

I decided to leave Magpie alone and try again tomorrow. The next day dog went to the river,I asked again using a different approach, do you remember what it was like to fly? Truly fly?”Magpie replied, “I will never leave Dog. I am he’s missing eye and he is my wings” Later that day Dog left and as he was running through the scrubs I was looking around outside wondering if I should try one more time to night.And sure enough dawn came and I whispered to Magpie for the third time.To my surprise she replied, “I’m ready” 

We crept silently out while dog slept unknowingly what I was about to do……….. I ran so fast, faster than I had run in my life.I could tell Magpie was ecstatic, she managed to speak and said, “At last I am flying, really flying!”This bought a smile across my sly slender face.I run ever faster through woodlands, the dusty plains, through salt pans, and out into the open, hot red desert.Suddenly I stop panting frantically. There was silence between us. Nether move, nether speaks.I shake Magpie off my back like I would a flea and I pad away swiftly with one movement. 

I break the silence. “Now you and dog will finally no what it is truly like to be alone………..” 1 MONTH EARLIER……… I was racing across the open dusty red plains trying to get away from the fire that had erupted. Suddenly something catches my eye…………….It’s a vibrant blue, with purple wings, it looked magnificent like nothing I had ever seen before I had to go over and save it, whatever it was. 

Parrot and I became best friends! Parrots beak was badly damaged through out the raging blaze and my teeth are extremely sharp and vicious so they make up for it. Although my neck is short and even though I can run I can’t see what is ahead of me so Parrot, every so often fly’s on ahead and warn me of any dangers. We made a great team Parrot and I. “I will never leave you Fox you are by best friend and always will be!”A smile came across my sly face and I replied, “You have also been the best friend that I have ever had I promise to never leave you either.” 

Next morning Parrot and I glided through the shrubs and the rocks and swiftly through the remainings of the trees and out onto the dusty red plains. As usual Parrot flew on ahead but this time quickly returned, “Fox, Fox, Snake is lying down on a rock beside some trees, it looks like it need help!”With that I ran as fast as I could with Parrot guiding me to where snake was lying. Parrot and Snake sat on my back whilst I took them to our den. 

Snake was staring at me all night, I was scared. I moved closer to Fox.When fox was sleeping Snake came up to me and whispered, “Come with me, instead of living with Fox.”I answered forcefully “Fox is my best friend and I will never leave him.”The next day when Fox was down at the waterhole, Snake came up to me again.“Why do you want to live here with Fox?” I replied, “I can trust Fox and he will never leave me and I will never leave him.” I came back and there seemed to be an awkward silence in the den. I looked at Parrot, Parrot looked at me.She whispered to me. “Snake is trying to tear us apart.”I replied “He is just a little odd leave him alone.” 

Parrot thought long and hard about what Snake had said and wondered if he would ask him again tonight. And sure enough Snake slithered over to him and asked for the last time, “Leave Fox and come with me.” To Snakes surprise Parrot replied, “I’m ready.” Off Parrot and Snake went through the salty pans and scrubs. Suddenly there was a loud bang and Parrot fell from the sky. Snake slithered over to him and said, “Now you and Fox will no what it is like to finally be alone…………………..”

February 20, 2007

foxes and friendships

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Q1). Write a short piece on your blog, explaining what “friendship” means to you. Who has been a good friend to you? When have you been a good friend to someone else? What does it mean to be a “good friend” to someone?

Friendship means to be a loyal friend and to hang out together and to always to be there for each other. Like my best friends Dannii, Tania and Ashliegh.k they are my best friends they are always there for me and I love them heaps!! I have been a good friend when one one of my friends had a fight with another person I was on her side because I knew she was telling the truthand had done nothing to hurt the other person! Ashy has been a best friend to me all my life and we were born on the same day! When I had gastro she came over and sat with me and got me anyhting and everyhting I needed untill I got better. Thats why I luv them all xoxoxo I have heaps of other awsum friends i luv them heapz 2!! xoxo

2) Do you think it’s important to have good friends?

I think it is very important to have good friends because it is good to no that you can rely on people and trust them.

3) Why is Fox described as a ‘flickering tongue of fire’? What does this tell us about the effect he will have on Dog and Magpie?

Fox is described as a flickering tounge of fire because he is red like the fire and he can run as fast as the fire that flickered through the desert.

4) Think of five words that describe Dog, Fox and Magpie

betraial, trust, friends, animals, different.

5) Magpie feels that Fox’s smell fills up the cave. She isn’t really describing his smell, but how she makes him feel. What does this tell you about how she feels about Fox?

I think that it makes Magpie feel insecure, because of the way fox kept staring at her throughout the day. Also if Fox trys to attack Magpie will be helpless because she can no longer fly, especially if Dog wasn’t around.

6) Why do you think Fox splits up Dog and Magpie? Would he have done this if he had more friends of his own?

I think Fox split up Magpie and Dog because he has had past expperiences and now he is alone and seeing Magpie and Dog so happy together made him remember of his past and couldn’t stand it so he had to split them up!

7) Why would Fox’s scream be a scream of despair? Why would it be one of triumph?


8) Do you think Magpie was really good friends with Dog? Why/why not?

I do think Magpie and Dog were good friends because through out the book Magpie kept on saying to Fox “Dog is my missing wings and I am his missing eye.”

February 11, 2007

Stalker-writing activity

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Q. Write a letter to one of the characters, talking about what they’ve been doing in the book.  What would you want to say to them?

Dear Lucy,

It’s Maddie and I’m writing to you about the book ‘Stalker’. It is a very interesting book so far and I was just wondering if I could ask you a few questions about it.

I would like to know if being stalked makes you act more cautiously in what you do and why?

Lucy, you said in the book that you felt special being stalked because it meant someone wanted to follow you and watch your every move , and that they thought about you all the time and listened to you on your radio station druing your graveyard shift! I wouldn’t feel special if I was being stalked. I’d feel scared and knowing that they knew where you lived and what you were doing  every second of the day. If I were being stalked I would change my locks and get an system in my house so if the stalker tryed to break in, the alarm would go off and hopefully they would catch the stalker!!

One final question for you. How does it feel talking on the radio and having your own station? Interviewing people and answering all the phone calls sounds like the funnest part of the job!

Plaese try and get back to me if you have time

lots of luv

luv mads


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